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Material:Steel,Stainless Steel,Carbon steel
Place of Origin:Hebei, China
Finish:Plain, Zinc Plated, Black oxide, Nickel,Chrome, H.D.G
Port:Tianjin Port
Color:Customized Color
Used:Building industry machinery electronic furniture,etc
Specifications:Customer's Demand
Package:Buyer's Requirement
Product description:
The fixing bolts (large/long screws) for fixing large machinery and equipment are ground anchors at one end and fixed on the ground (usually in the pouring foundation).
One end is a screw thread to fix machinery and equipment. The diameter is generally around 20~45mm. When pre-embedded, cut the hole reserved on the steel frame toward the side anchor bolts to form a groove, and press a piece of shim under the nut after installation (the middle hole is opened through the anchor bolt), Cover the cut holes and slots with a larger size. If the anchor bolt is long, the shim can be thicker. After tightening the nut, the shim and the steel frame are welded firmly.
The corresponding construction records should be made in detail during the installation of the anchor bolts, which truly reflect the type and specifications of the anchor bolts, and provide effective technical data for future maintenance and replacement.China Anchor Bolt factory

R$ 1,00

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